Current Projects and Fundraising

Colorado Springs Airport

Donald G. Stratton USS Arizona Display

The Colorado Springs Airport is a high-profile gateway to the City and the region and the PPHLC was granted a premier dedicated space in the center of the airport concourse for a unique display.

The exhibit can be easily accessed and appreciated by 1.7 million travelers annually. It is complemented by other historical and educational airport exhibits 

The exhibit can be monitored in a secure environment that ensures the dignity and respect the exhibit deserves.

Donate Now!

The PPHLC is actively seeking donations in support of the airport exhibit that will permanently and impactfully honor Mr. Stratton’s sacrifice and service as well as serve to educate visitors about the 

USS Arizona, the Pearl Harbor attack, and World War II as an important chapter in both American and world history.Our estimated fundraising target for this project is $80,000